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EcpPro is built by passionate IT Professionals that live and breathe MSP and Enterprise Cloud management.


About EcpPro

Managing hundreds or thousands of users in Azure, across multiple tenancies?

We couldn’t find a tool to help us manage users, groups, mailboxes, licenses, on-boarding, off-boarding, consolidated billing and many other tedious daily tasks across multiple Azure tenancies, so we built it!

EcpPro enables MSPs and Enterprises to manage thousands of customers in Azure across multiple tenancies from a single pane of glass.

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EcpPro Services

Multi Tenant

Manage multiple tenants from a single login. EcpPro user accounts can be configured to access:

A single Tenant
A group of Tenants
All Tenants under a customer

Quick access to relevant information

User list is customizable and allows to filter based on:

Licenses allocated
Login disabled
Office location
Ecp Security roles
Azure roles
Authorization level
Date created and more.


The EcpPro pricing plans are tailored to suit any size MSP or Enterprise.

EcpPro pays for itself through increased efficiency and time saving.


Dashboard to review current security status across multiple tenants.


Automate tedious tasks like on-boarding and off-boarding. Save time and money.

License Management

View used and unused Microsoft licenses quickly.

Deactivate unused licenses easily.